2017 North American Conference

The 2017 North American OSL conference is now history.  The attendees from all areas of the US and Canada were uplifted and challenged by Pastor Jamie Wilson’s talks on Kingdom Heart, Kingdom Identity, Kingdom Vision, Kingdom Courage.  Many were healed. Many persons were inducted, including two new Chaplains, Fr. Christopher Golding from Hawaii and Fr. Jack Wehrs from San Diego.  Val Wilson and her band were our worship leaders, and Raphael Martinez and his band provided music for soaking prayer, communion services, and the banquet.  Attendees were blessed by the various workshops presented. We are looking forward to the 2019 conference which will be International.

Val Wilson and her band provided the worship. Pastor Jamie Wilson on the right.
Pastor Kathleen Adams, the Southern California Area Director
New members of OSL being inducted

Fr. Jack Wehrs being inducted as chaplain
On the right, Fr. Christopher Golding from Hawaii being inducted chaplain as Fr. Jack Wehrs looks on.

Raphael Martinez provided music for the communion services